Hunting Island Red Raccoon

South of Beaufort SC at the end of US 21 is Hunting Island State Park. We went out to visit the lighthouse in the park, but when we found out that they charged an admission fee to the lighthouse area, we had second thoughts. We had paid for and climbed Tybee Island Lighthouse a couple of days before, so we turned around. Off the main park road (and free to visit) there was a marsh boardwalk with the usual assortment of fiddler crabs. The boardwalk crossed a number of palmetto covered islands and ended at a viewing platform. Hanging around the base of the platform was this peculiar looking animal. It looked a lot like a raccoon, but the coloring was wrong. Research was indicated that it was a rare red raccoon. Seeing it so close was a treat and the highlight of our trip to Hunting Island.
Red RaccoonRed RaccoonRed RaccoonRed Raccoon

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